Metallurgical equipment

Metallurgical production of NKMZ comprises steelmaking, press-and-forging, thermal productions and foundry; it also possesses a unique equipment complex allowing to produce wide range of billets and having complete metallurgical cycle. 

 The highest metal quality requirements are assured by means of treatment in the "Ladle-furnace" unit with the subsequent high vacuum degassing.

 Making of 200 carbon and alloyed steel grades is put into practice at NKMZ.

 Performance capabilities of press-and-forging production enable to produce unique forgings weighting 15.6 - 200 t.

 Thermal production potential permits to perform: annealing, isothermal annealing, normalization with tempering, tempering, quenching with tempering, hardening of all types of billets, blanks and components.

 New technological processes are implemented in foundry. These processes are related to production of castings using advanced cold-solid and plastic self-hardening blends on the basis of the modern mechanized units with vibration compaction. 

Updated: 2014-04-28 12:32:53