Hoisting-and-conveying equipment

As early as the beginning of the 30-s last century, NKMZ manufactured original gantry cranes for the “Moscow-Volga” cannel and high-duty cranes for the erection works at water-power stations and other projects.

Bridge cranes bearing the trade mark of “NKMZ” are the basic hoisting equipment of the production shops in all industrial sectors and the indoor and outdoor stockyards.

At present, we produce electric travelling cranes of the load capacity between 5 and 630 tons and the span width up to 40 metres. To provide servicing of the steelmaking shops, we may offer the whole family of the metallurgical cranes such as: casting cranes of load capacity up to 630 tons; charging box cranes; pit cranes; ingot-stripping and slab-conveying cranes; forging cranes, etc.

Crane span width, hoisting height and control system of any of the above crane types will be selected based on the customer’s request.

Our experience already gained permits to offer the customers present-day gantry and semi-gantry cranes for the erection and maintenance works at the water-power stations, grab reloaders, container and portal cranes as well as any other hoisting and conveying equipment.

Within the frame of the defence sector production conversion, a wide range of the self-propelled hoisting-and-conveying machinery was developed and brought to commercial level at NKMZ.

These are, in particular, the CIS’s first special cranes: 25-ton crawler-mounted crane; 55-ton wheelmounted short-base railway cranes (on a homemade undercarriage and on the Ukraine’s first undercarriage made in Germany); and the erection hydraulic auto lifts with the hoist height of 28m as well as the fire-figting cranes with the hoist height of 30m.

To meet the requirements of the Ukrainian railways, NKMZ developed the Ukraine’s first HK-114 car retarder. This retarder features higher technical level, reliability and maintainability, extended service life, enhanced power and smooth braking.

87 car retarders are being successfully operated in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

During 40 years, NKMZ has designed and engineered 150 types of various machines and units for the defence and space sectors that were the first both in the USSR and abroad. Within the scope of the individual and mass production NKMZ met the needs of the country in these machines and units in connection with all space programs from the first artificial Earth sattelite to “Energiya-Buran” complex, strategic rocket forces, anti-missile and anti-airctraft defence. 

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