Mining equipment

Designing and manufacture of equipment for the ore mining and processing industries is one of the main aspects of NKMZ'S business activities.

As long as the first mine winders, tunnel shields for the 1st phase of the Metro project in Moscow and coal milling machines for the steam power plants were made.

From the very beginning of production NKMZ has supplied 21 wheel-type excavating sets, over 2000 power shovels, more than 3000 mills and crushers of various types and models, over 2000 mine winders, etc. to the customers all over the world.

Up to 50% of all overburden and opencast mining operations is carried out with the carth-moving machines and over 70% of the mines in the CIS are equipped with the mine winders manufactured at NKMZ.

Due to an integrated approach to supplies of the equipment. Which has been recently generated by NKMZ, the company extended the range of machines used for carrying out the overburden and mining operations, conveying and processing of mineral resources.

At present, NKMZ may eleborate the efficient work schedules of the mining operations based on the latest technologies and specific operating conditions as to supply the whole sets of equipment required during any stage of mining on a turn-key basis. 

Updated: 2012-04-14 22:41:16