Coal-mining engineering

“NKMZ” is involved in production of the underground mining equipment for more than 70 years.

In this period, in particular, we made tunnel shields for Moscow Metro and over 2000 mine winders that are operated in many countries. 

At present, “NKMZ” is capable to produce complete sets of equipment for the shafts and supply the reliable and high-efficiency machines

of a new generation for:

  • Hoisting, i.e., mine winders that provide coal cutting at depths over 1000 metres, automatic process control systems and shaft warning facilities. 
  • Driving, i.e., heading machines that are in line with the best foreign models and feature better power availability, high service reliability and enhanced capacity when mining rocks up to 120 MPa in hardness.
  • Cutting coal, i.e., breakage cutter-loaders which enable to cut coal from the seams with 0.85 to 1.3 metre thickness and surpass similar machines twofold in terms of their output and service life.
  • Conveying, i.e., belt and flight conveyors, the latter being intended for the high-output breakage faces featuring 3000 to 8000 ton/day in the faces up to 350 metres in length and for cutting seams with thickness between 1.25 and 2.5 metres.

Heading machines made at “NKMZ” proved to be superior when being operated under the complicated conditions of workings. Today, over 130 heading machines are in operation in the coal-mining sectors of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. The models of heading machines were awarded the “All-Russian Brand” platinum Quality Mark. The latest versions of these machines permit to increase the working rate and considerably save operational costs. 

Updated: 2012-04-14 22:48:24