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About NKMZ Rolls

Based in Ukraine, NKMZ is one of the largest manufacturers of forged rolls in Europe, producing up to 30.000 tons of rolls every year. Our full-cycle EAF-LF-VD of high-quality steel melting has an annual capacity of 100.000 tons of liquid steel.
  • HSM Roughing and Finishing Stands Backup Rolls
  • HSM Roughing Stands Edger Rolls
  • HSM Roughing Stands Work Rolls
  • Steckel Mill Backup Rolls
  • CRM Backup Rolls
  • CRM Backup Rolls with inner bearing races (SKF/TIMKEN/FAG/NSK)
  • CRM Work and Intermediary Rolls
  • Heavy Section Mill BDM flat and grooved rolls
  • Forged Rolls

Our Products

Forged Steel Backup Rolls

Applications: plate mills, hot-strip mills, cold-rolling mills

Description: Backup rolls weighing 7-90 tones made of alloy-forged steel with Cr content of 1,40-5,50% have an excellent combination of metallurgical and physical properties such as a compact porosity-free microstructure; good ductility and toughness values; high resistance to fatigue, wear and thermal cracking. High physical and metallurgical properties are to be achieved throughout the optimal combination of pure steel, forging ratio and heat treatment processing. In the Customer’s request, the Backup Rolls can be equipped with inner bearing races of SKF, TIMKEN, FAG, NSK etc.

Forged Steel Work and Intermediary Rolls for Cold-rolling Mills

Applications: reversing and non-reversing, single and multiple stand, 4Hi and 6Hi, ferrous and non-ferrous cold-rolling mills

Description: Work and intermediate rolls for cold rolling made of alloy-forged steel with Cr content of 2,20-5,50% have an excellent combination of metallurgical and physical properties allowing to reach 25-40 mm depth of the working layer with uniform and stable hardness ensuring the highest quality of cold-rolled strip and efficient performance characteristics (resistance to wear, thermal shocks, fatigue contact cracks).

Forged Steel Work Rolls for Long-product Hot-rolling Mills

Applications: medium-grade, large-section, rail and structural Rolling Mills

Description: Work rolls used in roughing stands of long-product hot-rolling mills produced under innovative technology represented by use of the special steel grades developed especially for manufacturing of hot rolling mill rolls, which have increased resistance to heat and impact, as well as by forming of the roll profile at the forging stage and subsequent hardening of the roll with a profile as close as possible to the drawing. The special steels resistant to thermal effects are characterized by high level strength and plastic properties of the roll body and necks as well as by higher wear resistance that guarantees better operating characteristics.

The NKMZ Difference

We use only progressive materials, equipment and technologies to produce our rolls. Certified with ISO, we strictly follow the most up-to-date Quality Management standards and trends and guarantee the highest quality of the rolls.
State-of-the-Art Equipment
Over the course of our its century-long history, NKMZ has continued to modernise its production facilities to remain a progressive manufacturer. Up-to-date indoor laboratory, high precision tools and vast engineering expertise ensure the highest quality and technical characteristics of the rolls we make.
First-class Service
We have a solid market reputation and presence and always aim to make our customers’ businesses easier. We are task-oriented to keep our customers satisfied. That is one reason why our customers continue to order from us again and again.
Attractive Prices
We keep our costs under control and spread them among a wide range of products we make, which enables us to offer competitive, attractive and flexible pricing, including contract price adjustments depending on market indicators and indexes over time. We’ll beat any quote!
Flexible Financing
We provide flexible payment terms, such as attractive financing, deferred payments and instalment payment options. Our customers have an option to pay for the rolls after having them received, taken into operation and delivering value. We help keep your costs and inventories balanced.
Our Values
Keeping innovations and perfectionism in our products and services at the core of our business is our primary focus. We fine-tune our production processes in line with our ambitions, motives and stimulus.

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FAQs About NKMZ Forged Rolls

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