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NKMZ International Projects Limited

NKMZ is an established supplier of rolling-mill equipment and rolls, press and forging, mining, material handling, lifting and other heavy industrial equipment with unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities. We supply and execute projects in the global markets such as India, Turkey, USA, UAE and other countries.

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ISO9001:2015 Certified

NKMZ International Projects Limited has been awarded ISO9001:2015 certification, an internationally recognised standard that ensures we meet the needs of our clients through an effective quality management system.

Main Locations and Markets


Head Office
6 Lower Grosvenor Place, London SW1W 0EN
+44 (0) 20 3026 0007 info@nkmz-int.com


Am Waldschloesschen 1
01099 Dresden
+49 151 552 49 477


Panposh Road, Rourkela 769004, Odisha
+91 99370 40243


Sharjah Media City
Sharjah, UAE
+91 94370 40243






Worldwide clients

Our Products

Forged Rolling Mill Rolls

Over the years, NKMZ has supplied over 1.3 million tonnes of rolls to more than 43 countries and is currently producing 20,000-25,000 tonnes of forged rolling mill rolls per annum.

NKMZ rolling mill rolls are made with alloy forged steel with Chromium content of 2%, 3% and 5%. They are used in different types of rolling mills such as conventional hot strip mills, steckel mills, heavy section mills, 4Hi and 6Hi cold rolling mills, and are advantageous for the rolling of steel and stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys.

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Steel Melting Equipment

NKMZ has developed expertise and know-how in design and manufacturing of the steel melting equipment, such as:

Blast Furnace equipment
Steel Converters, Stationary Mixers and Torpedo Ladle-cars
Electric Arc Furnaces
Ladle-Furnaces and Degassing Plants
Slab and Billet continuous-casting machines

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Rolling Mill Equipment

NKMZ has supplied 103 rolling mills to 23 countries, including some of the world’s largest 2000mm Hot Strip Mills that are operated at NLMK, MMK, SEVERSTAL, and BOKARO STEEL PLANT with productivity of 3.5-6.0 million tonnes of Hot Rolled Coils, as well as 2500mm-wide Hot Strip Mills operated by MMK, which is considered the widest in the world.

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Press and Forging Equipment

The Giant Close-die Hydraulic Forging presses with capacity of 750MN (75 thousand tonnes-force) and 650MN (65 thousand tonnes-force) can be considered as one of the biggest hydraulic presses in the world. The height of the press is 40 metres, which is similar to the height of a nine-storey building.

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Mining Equipment

We offer our customers a wide spectrum of equipment for the sinking, mining, excavation and beneficiation of minerals for both open-pit and underground mines.

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NKMZ International Projects Limited Material handling High Angle Conveyors
High Angle Conveyors

To increase mine productivity and reduce the costs of the transportation of minerals to the ground, NKMZ proposes highly productive cyclic-line technology which includes equipment for primary and secondary preparation of the minerals at the bottom of the pit, conveying of the minerals to the ground by a high-angle (over 20 degrees) heavy-duty conveyor system, and stacking or loading of the minerals for further transportation on the ground for further processing.

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Heavy Lifting Equipment

We offer our customers a wide spectrum of lifting equipment. NKMZ designs and manufactures the following equipment:

Overhead cranes for different applications, including cast heavy-duty cranes for steel melting shops for the handling of liquid metal with ladle with weight up to 600 tonnes.

Slab handling systems
Gantry-type grab unloaders
Gantry cranes
Portal cranes
Other heavy-lifting systems for special applications


Market research and promotion

Project and contract management

Risk management

Engineering, re-engineering and design

Financing and documentary operations

Transportation and project cargo logistics

Supervision of erection and commissioning

After-sales customer service and warranty support

Technical audit of equipment and processes

Equipment reconditioning and alignment

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