NKMZ High Angle Conveyors

Highly Productive Material Handling Systems for Open-pit Mines
What is a high angle conveyor?

High Angle Conveyor is a superior technology of transportation of minerals from the bottom of an open-pit mine to the top using a Belt Conveyor system with the dip angle more than 20 degrees. The main feature of the High Angle Conveyor is a closed-type conveyor chute composed by bottom carrying and top clamping belts working jointly in sandwich mode.

Benefits of using NKMZ high angle conveyors

There are three common types of transportation of minerals from an open-pit mine:

by mining trucks (conventional method);

    by mining trucks and traditional low-angle conveyor systems (conventional method);
    by the high angle conveyor transport (modern approach).

Currently, more and more open-pit mines go far beyond 200 meters deep, making conventional transportation methods expensive and inefficient. If these deep mines retain further potential and enough deposits, application of the new high angle conveyor systems become a favourable solution to save costs and increase the performance of material transportation.

What type of mines are suitable for high angle conveyors?

Open-pit mines with a depth of more than 200m and capacity more than 2500 tons per hour generally considered to benefit from high angle conveyor systems. Tentative characteristics of one of the projects performed by NKMZ:
Technical performance: 3500 t/h;
Annual capacity: 15 MTPA;
Lifting height: 215 m;
Conveyor length: 755 m;
Max size of transported piece: 300 mm;
Angle: 22-37 degrees;
Speed of conveyor belt : 3,15 m/sec;
Belt width: 2000 mm.

How are the minerals loaded onto the conveyor?

The minerals are loaded on the conveyor belt at the bottom of the pit through a continuous crushing-and-loading station. Trucks load the minerals, each piece up to 1200mm size, into a bunker with a capacity above 300 cubic meters. Minerals are then crushed up to a maximum size of 300mm in two stages. The continuous crushing-and-loading station is 15m high above the ground and 45m below the ground level and equipped with service overhead crane and hydraulic hammer with a manipulator. 

How are the minerals unloaded from the conveyor?

On the surface level, minerals are unloaded by a stacker onto the stacks, railway wagons or onto a horizontal conveyor for transportation to the beneficiation plant.

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